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Stem Cell Therapy

Are you frustrated with going through a knee surgery with no positive results? At West LA Regenerative Medicine: Neurokinesiology and Neuropathy in Los Angeles, CA, we provide our patients with exceptional stem therapy to help them deal with diverse medical conditions such as knee pain. Visit us to start your pain-free journey!


What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a regenerative medicine practice that repairs damaged cells by modulating the immune system and reducing inflammation. It helps with several medical conditions, for instance, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, orthopedic, Lupus, and COPD.

While stem cell therapy does not necessarily cure these conditions, it allows the body to heal itself naturally to the point of alleviating the symptoms and discomforts such as knee pain. The stem cells eliminate the patient’s pain for a long while, hence, increase the quality of their life significantly.

Where Do We Find Stem Cells?

Before we learn where we can get stem cells, it is vital to know precisely what they are.

What is a stem cell? A stem cell line descends from an original single stem cell. These cells continue growing but do not segregate into specialized cells and do not have genetic defects.

Where do these cells come from? We obtain stem cells from different sources. They include adipose (fat tissue), placental tissue, bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, or umbilical cord tissue.

At West LA Regenerative Medicine: Neurokinesiology and Neuropathy, we administer stem cells in diverse fashions such as intrathecal, i.e., directly in the spinal canal, IV Stem Cell Therapy (intravenous), and site injection which takes place in the problem areas (hips, knee, hands).

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

This form of regenerative medicine is usually a non-surgical procedure that focuses on replacing damaged cells in your body. Depending on the patient's needs, we use distinct administration methods.

After stem cells are grown in the lab, the researchers manipulate them to differentiate into specific cells, for example, blood cells, heart muscle cells, and blood cells. These specialized cells are later implanted into the patient.

If you are suffering from heart disease, the stem cells may be injected into your heart muscle. The healthy muscle cells that we transplant help repair your defective heart muscle.

Can the Body Reject the Stem Cells?

Can my body reject the stem cells after implantation? The body does not reject mesenchymal stem cells from the cord tissue. They are indistinct and immune-privileged cells; thus, your body cannot reject them.

They lack connection to blood elements; hence you do not have to search for a donor match. This feature makes them universally accepted. Specialists have administered these cells numerous times (thousands of times) with no rejection cases.

They seek out the inflammation site in the body then begin to repair the damaged tissue. You don’t have to undergo knee surgery to alleviate your knee pain!

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Are you looking for the ideal center for stem cell therapy? At West LA Regenerative Medicine, Neurokinesiology and Neuropathy, we offer excellent stem cell therapy to our patients to improve their quality of life. Visit us in Los Angeles, CA, to start your regenerative medicine procedure. Call (310) 427-7370 to learn more about this procedure.

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