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Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapy

Degenerative conditions and acute injuries can cause not only serious pain but also serious functional limitations. If you're struggling to lift objects over your head because of shoulder damage, or having difficulty on your daily walk due to knee arthritis, you may need a form of treatment that goes beyond physical therapy or traditional arthritis treatment. Here at West LA Regenerative Medicine and Neurokinesiology, we offer state-of-the-art regenerative stem cell therapy in Los Angeles, CA that can help your bones and cartilage repair themselves and maintain their health more efficiently.

Making Repairs Using the Body's Own Stem Cells

The human body is normally capable of regenerating any kind of tissue. This function is essential for replacing cells that have died off or become damaged. Different kinds of cells in the body are optimized for different functions, taking the form of liver cells, brain cells, skin cells and so on. All of these cells began as "blank slate cells" known as stem cells. Stem cells have the uncanny ability to become any kind of differentiated cell a particular tissue needs. When a stem cell comes into contact with a differentiated cell, chemical reactions transfer the stem cell into that type of cell.

Unfortunately, not all parts of the body have the same ready access to stem cells, while severe injuries or arthritis may require more regeneration that the body can manage through its normal stem cell delivery methods. That's where regenerative stem cell therapy steps in. By transplanting  Mesenchymal stem cells to an area that needs assistance, our integrated health care clinic can spur accelerated healing and regeneration for pain relief and better joint function.

Natural Shoulder Pain and Knee Pain Relief

Regenerative stem cell therapy is medically approved for arthritis treatment, and to treat shoulder pain and knee pain.  The stem cells we use are  retrieved from embryonic tissue -- the highest quality, FDA approved, and better than harvested cells from fat. These cells are necessary  to repair injured muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone or cartilage. The accelerated tissue repair, combined with our other integrated health care techniques, can help you enjoy a dramatic improvement in your condition.

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